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vj set I perfom for dbkldn in Cinema Club, Kiev

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ГОСТІ ХАТНЬОГОГРАННЯ: Антон Лапов, aka lap0fvw - audio | Юля Бугайова - video на Фредра 61

Here is me vj-ing  for ukrainian musicant lap0fvw 


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#8 #everydayIpost #ULA"A script creating scripts!Basicly, Duac is a Script used to create other scripts.My idea was to create a tool which would enable everyone to create scripts for After Effects without any knowledge about programation/scripts/developement, in order to automate any action with After Effects, like the simple “scripts” window does on Photoshop. Then, developping the thing, I noticed this tool could be even more useful.”замечательный человек пишет скрипты и делится ими со всеми. Бесплатно. А я сделала ему постер в качестве благодарности) На сайте еще много интересного - b a d c
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